Our Summer Solstice – June 28, 2014

Click the link below for a video of the battle between Light and Dark:

Battle Between Light And Dark

When she held out her arms at 1:21, the Feminine Powers said, “Come at me, Bro!” to the Male powers. Dru and Tammy as God and Goddess in the foreground at 1:39 making a bet on who would win the fight, then blessing their champions. Then Round 1! Round 2! Round 3 and FATALITY! The power of Feminine and the Dark prevails for the rest of the year!

Many thanks to Seriah (our wonderful narrator), Cailin (our Feminine Power), Joshua (our Masculine Power), Dru (our God manifestation), and Tammy (our Goddess manifestation) for putting their all into this wonderful, powerful, and magical moment in our Summer Solstice celebration. Thanks also to our talented costumers who can really make a thrift store table cloth go a long way. Oh and yes, there is also a Bobo Fet helmet in the ammo pile, you know…just in case.

The script Seriah read:


In the beginning of time, long before the powers of male and female manifested into physical form beyond the Sun and the Moon, they lived together in perfect balance. The dance of the yin and the yang rotated in equal supremacy. Days and nights were always of equal length and the Moon and Sun held equal rulership.

Not long after the beginning of time, in fact, it was exactly 171 days, 11 hours, and 49 minutes after the beginning of time, although time would not be measured in such a way until many, many thousands of years later, on a different plane of existence, things changed. The Powers of Masculine Energy went for a walk in the Garden of Enlightenment and spied a beautiful tree with luscious fruit. His better wisdom told him he should not eat the fruit, but it was so tempting and decadent that he was compelled to take a bite.

Immediately, the force of Ego awakened within him. He felt himself draw up taller and stronger and knew that he was the most important force all of being. His power grew with every day that passed.

The Powers of Feminine Energy noticed this change and looked upon it first with confusion and then with irritation. Why did He suddenly think he was bigger, stronger, and better than She?

The Powers of Masculine Energy loved how the influx of Ego felt and went back to the tree often. One day, she followed him and saw him eat the fruit. When he left the tree, she hurried to it and took a bite of the fruit herself. She then felt the flow of Ego move through her and she her anger burned over his arrogance.

In defiance of his perceived superiority, she called him out and demanded that he face her in a battle for supremacy. Knowing he could not lose, he eagerly accepted her challenge.

The God and Goddess heard this challenge and curious of how such a thing would progress, gave their blessings to the battle.

…and so it began… FIGHT!