How CUSP Works


CUSP is an acronym for “Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway.”  Many paths embrace the concept of the “Wheel of the Year” to identify the eight ancient agricultural holidays.  The image of a wheel is appropriate to identify the cycles that return to use year after year.  What it does not reflect is the progress that we make and the ascension that has built by our practice in previous years that forms the foundation for our future successes.  For that reason, CUSP embraces the Spiral of the Year.  We continually return to the same points in the annual progression, but on the next higher level, incorporating and building upon the foundation of our prior lessons and successes.  We climb the ever ascending spiral toward greater progress and continual improvement of our life and our individual circumstances.  This comes not only through the conscious manifestation of positive life changes that CUSP directly creates, but also through the lessons we learn from the changes that did not manifest or manifested in a way that we did not anticipate.

The agricultural holidays listed in our Spiral of the Year will guide you through the annual harvest process, signifying the kick off of a new course of action on the road to achieving your goals.  You begin with the spark of an idea, come up with a solid plan, ask The Universe for input, begin your active process of manifestation, cultivate your goals, harvest your reward and then contemplate the lessons of the previous harvest year.

On an outward level that can be seen, felt and known, you will have the specific outward “harvest” of real and tangible goals.  Your “harvest” will take the form of long term changes you wish to manifest in your life.  The more internalized benefit you will achieve is that you will begin to understand why your life unfolds the way it does.  You will spend a specific part of your year in meditation and evaluation of the previous harvest cycle before you begin to plan your next year’s cycle.  This allows for rest, for contemplation and for greater connection to your Divine Destiny.  As much as this system of sacred practice is a method for positive external change, it is also an effective catalyst to internal change.

Because our ancestors honored the agricultural cycles of the year as sacred for so long, our instincts are innately attuned to those cycles.  Although most of us are no longer literally farmers who harvest an actual crop each year, we can still use the same cycle to harvest positive and measurable results in our lives.