About the Creators of CUSP

Eric and Katrina Rasbold are the co-founders of CUSP and have been developing the path and teaching its principles to students since 1997.  They are happily married and live in the remote mountain community of Grizzly Flats, California where they enjoy a rural, blessed lifestyle.  They have six children, some of whom are adults, some who are younger and one who is in between those two worlds.

Both Eric and Katrina are avid students of human spirituality and have devoted their entire adult lives to the exploration of the many ways human beings connect to God and vice versa.

Eric is a veteran’s representative in El Dorado County, California and a full time college student working toward his MBA.  He is also a professional gold miner.  Katrina is a writer, instructor and life coach, as well as a full time college student.  She was recently awarded her Ph.D. in religion and is working toward her masters degree in psychology.

Katrina’s books, lectures and classes are available through www.rasboldink.com.