The year is just flying by, isn’t it?

In 2011 and 2012, I watched as the pieces flew around the chessboard of life, creating new alliances, new opportunities, and different outcomes than any of us anticipated. The CUSP philosophy has taken hold and is now practiced internationally and throughout the United States.  To say that we are flattered and gratified is an understatement. Mostly, we feel blessed and honored to be a part of this dynamic and exciting spiritual process that has changed our own lives so profoundly.

The CUSP process continues to influence our lives with every year’s planting and this year is no exception. We started our active time of the year with an Ostara (Spring Equinox) ritual hosted by Family of the Goddess, one of our favorite circles. Our group did their own planting after the ritual, burying our empowered seeds in the dirt of the park where we were. I may do some late planting that is born of experiences the first planting created. No problem with a harvest that comes later in the year, I figure.

Our own Beltane incorporated our favorite practices of the May Hole, the May Pole with wishes written on the ribbons, and the Great Rite. We added a couple of new ideas like the bringing and planting of the Maypole rather than having it already grounded when the circle began and the legacy ribbons where new wishes are written on the ribbons that already have the prior year’s wishes written on them – a new way of building on the foundation created in the previous walk of the spiral.

Dear friends joined us for Beltane and we had a wonderful time. Afterward, I could really feel the stirring of life in the goals, stimulated by the fertilization.  Photos of our own Beltane are in the links in the menu above.

Now, May is mere days away from turning into June and we are weeks away from Summer Solstice. We will enjoy working at the Sacramento Celtic Faerie Festival on June 21st, so our own celebration will be delayed. That feels correct for the year anyway.

Summer Solstice is the height of male power and many male-gendered people may feel a sense of frustration and urgency in the next few weeks as the energy builds. I am eager to see those little crops in the field and to know for sure that the planting has taken hold and is producing results. That moves us directly into Harvest time and let me tell you, I simply cannot believe we are already a stone’s throw away from it.

I hope all of you are seeing results from your Ostara planting and can see the tiny beginnings of how your Harvest will manifest.

Blessings and tremendous love to you!


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One thought on “Beltane Into Summer – 2014”

  1. Greetings,

    Being a long date practitionner of martial sports, Hindu spiritual exercises and a published poet, I began to study magick 1 year ago mainly to achieve certain concrete changes on how to make money differently. By making money differently I mean through giving the best of me to the world, instead of doing the insgnificant job i’m doing now.
    I’m looking for an highly pratical magickal system, more focused in the power of intention, will and energy projection, than in complicated rituals and dozens of artifacts.
    Grateful in advance for your comments
    PS- hope my english is enough understandable, I’m from portuguese origin, living in Brussels.

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