Imbolc is arguably one of our most underrated sabbats. If you do not study the value and impact of each of the eight sabbats, you lose balance on the wheel of the year, but for many Pagans, any celebration that is not Samhain or Beltane is met with limited enthusiasm… the sure sign of an amateur, truth be told.

Imbolc History

Traditionally, Imbolc relates to the concept of “in the belly” and celebrated the fecundity of ewes that would lamb in the spring. Around February 1 is when their bellies would quicken. Likewise, the stirring of life quickens within the earth that is frozen by winter, promising new life in the spring. The Christianized version of Imbolc is Candlemas and is celebrated with the lighting of many candles. Since until recent times, candles were quite expensive, it is unlikely people of the villages who lived by the land celebrated Imbolc with the lighting of dozens of candles.

Imbolc in CUSP

In the CUSP tradition, we welcomed the spark of light at Yule/Winter Solstice on or around December 21. We let that spark of light into our spirits and asked it to guide us in creating a list of what we want to grow in our lives in the coming year. By Imbolc, the list is finalized and we are clear on what our ideas are for what we wish to manifest over the next few months. The six weeks following Imbolc serves as our system of checks and balances. We offer up our list and then pay very strict attention to the guidance we receive. Over the next six weeks, the Universe/Deity will show us any adjustments we should make to our list through a series of confirmations or redirects. Either we will see indications that what we want to “plant” in the spring is a good fit for our life and the plans fate has for us or we will meet with resistance and the powers that be will show us a different plan to pursue.

Making Imbolc Work for You

If you have not already done so, make your list! Check it twice! Then burn a copy or otherwise send it *out there* into the ether for consideration. If you tune into the vibes, by the time we plant at Spring Equinox, you will know exactly what to plant for your own greatest good and finest actualization!

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