Although the bulk of winter’s cold is before us for the year, at Yule, we celebrate the infinitesimal return of the sun to the sky. This mystery itself is such a lovely representation of the energy of Yule and Imbolc. Imbolc translates loosely to “in the belly” and speaks of the quickening of the unborn child. In CUSP manifestation, we begin to plan in Yule what will manifest in our lives in the coming harvest. Yule gives us the spark of inspiration that lights our desires and tells us how we wish our life to be different the coming fall. As those thoughts slip around our brains, they are new and fragile, still subject to change. They cannot yet be seen because they have no form and are not yet corporal. They are merely an idea. So too is the return of the sun merely an idea. It is still cold and will likely become colder, but we know intellectually that the days are lengthening by tiny, imperceptible bits with each turn of the earth.

This is a magical time when the beginning of creation is at hand. This is the time of “Until now…” which are the two most powerful words in the English language. In the words, “Until now…” we hold the power of change. It is a defining border between how things have been and the changes we will make.

Take this special time to imagine your life as you wish it to be. Place no limitations on yourself and do no allow doubt or limitations to cloud your wishes. When you begin to think things like, “That could never happen” or “I couldn’t do that,” immediately dismiss those thoughts outright. Let your mind dream without conditions or judgments. Build your future in this poignant and potent time. This is not the time to consider even for a moment how these goals will manifest or what you have to do to get there. We build the destination first and then the route to get there becomes clear.

Take copious notes. Write clearly about what you want and what you see. Write about how you will feel when the changes take place and what they mean to you. Become more and more comfortable with and excited about what you are describing.

Once you know your desires, condense them into a bullet point list. It is fine to have a long list. When your list is complete, search out similarities in the goals. Wanting a new home, a new car, and a new job are all about prosperity and abundance. Wanting to lose weight, bring down your blood pressure, and stop smoking are all about health and well being. The tighter you can draw in your focus, the more you can accomplish when you start sending energy toward your goal. Look for the feeling you want to have when the goal is manifested. I want to feel prosperous and successful.  I want to feel loved and supported. I want to feel confident and beautiful. Magic stems from a feeling before it turns into language, so identifying the feeling brings it into closer contact with the Higher Self and creates easier access for magical intervention.

See if you can condense a longer bullet point list into a few specific goals that cover a lot of territory. Be prepared to work on your list for several weeks and have it finalized by Imbolc, when it will be offered up to the Divine for confirmations or redirects. This list is a work in progress and is not solid until you plant in the spring. Place your list under a column candle or jar candle of your favorite color. Light the candle and let it burn for a while from time to time while you meditate on your goals. Open your mind to new ideas about your goal, but resist any negativity or doubt. Begin the process of receiving even now. This starts with opening your spirit to the new goals and trusting the process that will lead you to them.

Remember that during the winter months, our ancestors planned the coming crops and rested from the previous harvest. Even though there was still work to do to sustain the village, the work of harvest was done and was all in the mind. Let your mind do the work on your coming life changes and trust your spirit and The Universe to send you the right tools to create a blessed harvest.

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