Here we are right smack in the middle of the two harvests of the year.  How is everyone doing?  Tired yet? I know I sure am, but hey, those crops aren’t going to bring themselves in out of the fields, are they?  At this time of year, we all start to feel like we can’t possible go a step further, but leave it to The Universe to challenge us beyond what we think we can do and prove to us how strong we really are.  We always underestimate what we can accomplish and without these tough times, we would never know the miracles we can pull off.

We are ending the time of Lammas when we are rewarded for our own efforts and we are about to celebrate Mabon, when the extra blessings from the God and Goddess manifest…the boon.  Watch for all kinds of miracles to take form.  You will find that right when you thought everything was falling apart, it comes together.  You will have unexpected joys and out-of-the-blue rescues.  You will begin to see “reasons why” unfold and will form a better understanding of why things happened as they did and your part in the matrix of life.

Watch for things to slow down considerably as you come into the first week of November.  For those who are tuned into the tides of Nature, your integration with the flow will naturally encourage you to slow down and begin the quiet descent into the dark of the year.

If your harvest has not yet manifested, do not despair!  It simply means that Divine Intervention was needed to bring it along and it could not manifest by your own efforts alone.  We are only halfway through the harvest cycle and there is more to come.  This was a tremendously profound year as our paradigm shifts and magic is filling the air.  It seems as though there is a huge divide in society that is widening every single day.  Part of our people are on the fast-track to enlightenment, feeling the pull of spirit in a profound way, and truly living the magical life.  The other part seem to grow more distant from spirit at an alarming rate.  We see religious leaders all over the world who are stepping away from the love of the Divine and working through the hate, oppression, and anger of those who are devoid of spirit.  The train is pulling out of the station folks!  Are you going to be on it or at the station wallowing in self-pity!

I’m ready to RIDE!  Let’s get this party started!

Happy Harvest, All!

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